Action 9: Several customers complain about NoDa used appliance business

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Four customers recently complained to Action 9’s Jason Stoogenke about NoDa Appliance Warehouse and Repair.

They told Stoogenke they paid hundreds of dollars for used appliances. One said the business delivered a washer, but that it didn’t work. The other three said the company never even delivered their appliances.

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“I purchased a dryer and refrigerator and I paid for delivery and the owner promised that he would deliver it Saturday. Well, come Saturday, he don’t show. He doesn’t answer his phone. Sunday he doesn’t answer his phone,” customer Stephanie McQueen told Stoogenke. “He doesn’t show. Monday he contacts me to come back to the NoDa Warehouse Appliance where he will be there and to refund my money. I sat out there for like two hours, and he never showed up. So, to this day, I still haven’t heard anything from him.”  

She said she spent $369.

The Better Business Bureau told Stoogenke it has received 19 complaints about NoDa Appliance.

It gives the business an “F” rating and plans to report the company to the North Carolina Attorney General.  

“It’s some allegations of bait and switch. Some allegations of just flat out non-delivery, so it’s difficult to see if it’s just poor business practices or if this is just how they do business,” BBB President Tom Bartholomy said.

The owner’s name is Mert Oztin.

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“We have policies under which the purchases are made. Some used merchandise we sell inevitably can have issues over time depending on the circumstances. Also, we outsource a lot of deliveries and sometimes deliveries may get delayed or in a very rare instance items may get damaged upon delivery. I admit, I may not have been responding quickly enough at times so this may be why people have complained to you guys over a period of time. However, they’ve been taken care of but some have failed to follow up with their complaints once the issues were resolved,” Oztin texted Stoogenke. “As far as the BBB I may have failed to respond to some of the complaints in a timely fashion this resulting in a low grade.”

No matter where you buy appliances:

  • Take a few minutes and research the business online.
  • Only pay with a credit card.  You have more recourse that way.
  • Even if someone tells you all sales are final, the product is still supposed to work.

Oztin refunded one of the customers who contacted Action 9. Two said he still hadn’t made things right by Monday. Stoogenke hadn’t heard back from the fourth by Monday either.

Action 9 covered Oztin before, back in 2011. At the time, his business was called Advantage Appliances. Twanda Price said she had problems with two fridges Oztin sold her.

Action 9 got involved and, eventually, he gave her a full refund.

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